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Dealing with a loss or planning for yourself, burial may be a form of disposition that is more suitable to your lifestyle. There are four fundamental segments to consider when desiring burial: choosing embalming, picking a casket, and deciding on a cemetery and service that best represents the individual. Many of these segments have numerous choices and abundant combinations. The options for a casket alone include a well defined color, material, and thickness. Deciding on a cemetery can be even more complex. Comprised of different types of cemeteries; family, fraternal, municipal or religious, most will require specified burial spaces, monuments and outer burial containers. The funeral service also includes a range of choices. The funeral could very well be a service with or without remains present, have a visitation, or as a more creative option could be held on a ship that concludes with burial at sea.

Either way, the abundant selection presents a great opportunity in specializing a burial package. Though, the ample choices may be vast, our staff has experience assisting families with items and services that fit your lifestyle and tacitly serve your feelings to the fullest and deepest ability.

Additionally, when choosing items keep those burial segments in mind and prepare some ideas and requests. Burial is to be an experience that is remembered and regarded as a traditional but personal tribute. In doing so, we will take the time to communicate your sincerity and sensitivity and ultimately strive to make it easier in expressing the unique characteristics that is desired in a final ceremony.

Contact our office today to learn more about our burial services, cremation services, and funeral services.

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Memorial Service

Use of facilities and staff services during memorial service at a designated facility. Our services include: Coordinating the memorial arrangements Supervision of memorial service Staff provided to attend the memorial service for setup and facility oversight

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Embalming, bath disinfecting, dressing, cosmetic care, casket, vault services, opening and closing grave spaces, visitation, first call, hearse usage, floral arrangements, register book, and programs. Please call for additional information and packages. We strive to work with all families within their budget.

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Horse and Carriage

A horse-drawn funeral can be an inspiring tribute for a loved one. D. Williams Mortuary Services pay close attention to all the details regarding horse carriage services.

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VA Burials

VA Burial benefits available include a grave site in any of our 136 national cemeteries with available space, opening and closing of the grave, perpetual care, a Government headstone or marker, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate at no cost to the family. Some veterans may also be eligible for Burial allowances. Cremated remains are buried or inurned in national cemeteries in the same manner and with the same honors as casket-ed remains. For further information on VA Burial benefits to www.cem.va.gov For any VA crisis you can contact: 1-800-273-8255

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Green Burials

I am your trusted partner in funeral business. I now offer, Green Burials. Green Burials is the interment of your loved one in the soil in a natural manner. It is an alternative to other contemporary western burial methods and funerary customs, but refrigeration may be mandatory. Our local Green Burial Cemetery is minutes from our location in Gainesville, FL, which is Prairie Creek Conservation Cemetery. Woven caskets and many more options are also available. As of 2022 we are now certified as a provider through the Green Burials Council.

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Immediate Burials

Immediate Burial options include burials within 24 hours upon onset on death. Refrigeration, visitation, casketing, first call and hearse usage. Please call for additional information and packages.

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D. Williams Mortuary Services, LLC provides cremation goods and services at the time of a loss you have the option to choose only the items you desire that is affordable for you and is tailored for you loved one. In addition to direct cremation services, we are proud to offer cremation urns, keepsakes and jewelry. Let D Williams be your choice.

Burial Packages

Earth Has No Sorrow that Heaven can’t Heal

(service & cremation)

Professional Services, Embalming, bathing disinfecting of the deceased, dressing, cosmetic & casketing of the deceased. Use of facilities, equipment and staff services for same day visitation prior to services, transfer of deceased to funeral home within a 50 mile radius, hearse use for one day service, basic register book, 100 single fold programs or Memorial cards(in black and white only) and a family floral arrangement(Carnations only), Casket Rental, with cremation only.

Please call our office at (352) 204-2381 for special pricing

Dust til Dawn

(graveside service only)

Professional Services, Embalming, bathing disinfecting of the deceased, dressing, cosmetic & casketing of the deceased Use of facilities, equipment and staff services for same day visitation prior to services, transfer of deceased to funeral home within a 50 mile radius, hearse use for one day service, basic register book, 100 Color programs or 50 memorial cards in color, family floral arrangement(Carnations only), 20 gauge non gasketed casket in the basic colors of Bronze, blue, gray and white.

Please call our office at (352) 204-2381 for special pricing.

I am Free

(memorial service, without the body present)

Professional services, cremation, first call within a 50mile radius, two large photos of the deceased placed on easels at services, 50 memorial cards.

Please call our office at (352) 204-2381 for special pricing.

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D. Williams Mortuary Services, LLC offers affordable caskets to any family, and can have the casket delivered to any location. Come see our casket selection and our special pricing, because we care. Caskets starting at $750.00.

Consumer Protection Provided by The Funeral Rule (Federal Trade Commission):

You have the right to choose the funeral goods and services you want (with some exceptions, which will be made in writing).The funeral provider must give you a General Price List (GPL) that states your right to choose what you want in writing.The funeral provider cannot refuse to handle a casket or urn your brought elsewhere or charge you a handling fee.

*Please note, you cannot be charged for embalming that your family does not authorize in writing.

Direct Cremation Services

Cremation has been a form of attending to death for quite some time and, today, is quickly becoming one of the most utilized methods of disposition by families. In 2016, over 50 percent of people dealing with the loss of a loved one chose cremation. This amount of utilization has allowed for exponential growth in the cremation field and has extended into its own unique personality. Cremation’s success can be directly connected to its value as well as its additional services, tributes, and keepsakes. Overall, cremation services offer different attributes of portability and prominence while providing sincerity in expression and price.

Much like the range and taste of an individual, so too is the variety of options in dealing with cremation and cremation packages: basic or extravagant. In fact, a heavily opted segment of cremation is the basic/direct cremation package, offered at an affordable rate and developed for a simple and discretionary manner. Of course, additional cremation packages and items can be selected to reflect the numerous feelings and memories that a person or family might want to express about their loved one. In doing so, D Williams Mortuary Services strives to provide and develop items of personalization that can capture the life we are to encompass.

The cremation option, which can aid in representing and emphasizing character, is usually incorporated with an array of services and items that can only be limited by the imagination. Choices include a medley of urns with distinct materials and styles, picturesque locations for scattering cremains, memorial and traditional services, viewing prior to cremation and personal keepsakes that allow families to remember and cherish their loved one.

Having virtually no limits to what can be conceived, people can fully express their feelings in a manner that respects their deep seeded honor, respect, and sensitivity.

For further details or to plan your cremation service, please give is a call.


D. Williams Mortuary services, LLC would like to be your trusted partner for all your shipping arrangements in and out of state. First call ( transfer of deceased to funeral home with in a 50 mile radius), embalming(standard), Air tray, transport to nearest airport & all paperwork.


Daphina Williams has expertise in mortuary science that adheres to the required educational courses and OSHA safety guidelines. Mrs. Williams, licensed funeral director and embalmer has over 20 years of experience and believes in hands-on approach. Today, we have Funeral Home owners, but many are not licensed. When you choose D. Williams Mortuary Services, LLC, you are entrusting your love one to a licensed Funeral Home Director, a name that observes every rule, and law according to the Florida Division of Funeral, Cemetery, and Consumer Services.

Once again, burial is a time-tested option that has helped families in honoring the love and work of a person that has touched their lives. These feelings can be conveyed with us as we are ready to assist with any need. We have distinct burial options offered by our facility and are here to guide you at this time and in any decision. By allowing D. Williams Mortuary Services to reflect your wishes in a burial option we will assist in an expressive act that reaches the highest point of gratitude, respect and admiration that you deserve.

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